Learn more about juicers and juicing

Man depends on food for survival. Food is also the basic necessity to health. If you need to stay healthy and happy, you have to do whatever it takes to eat enough healthy diets. Digestion is the mechanism that all of us use to absorb eaten nutrients into the body system. The amount of fecal matter excreted by an adult is however much. It can be assumed that most of the foods we take goes into waste.

glass of juiceSo, why eat much in the first place? Juicing is a tactic that seems to help solve issues out. Instead of taking the whole bulk diets, you can just take the juice in them. After all, the entire digestion process starting from the mouth is dedicated to eventually make that juice. You will be making things simple for your body by availing the nutrients in absorbable form.


A juice is an extract from either a fruit, herb, vegetable, fleshy leaves etc. These are squeezed to make the juice. Note that pulp is eliminated from the juice. Only the liquid content is extracted. People often confuse juicing with blending. A blender is the appliance that crushes fruits down to form a suspension. Both the juice and the pulp are in the final product. With a juicer, you get only the finest product without any roughage in it.


The appliance you use for juicing is the juicer. It can be a simple one operated manually or a modern one, electrically powered. It’s the new era of technology and simplicity. I prefer the electrical one, guess you do too. Diversity however does not end here. There are very many brands of juicers out there. Each brand operates in a different concept. Other variations to note include the sizes, price, speed, dishwashing etc. Only you can be able to determine the best juicer for you. Be wise with the selection.

Is juicing necessary?

Some may ask that question. To most people, juicing seems to be an elegant stuff only for the classic people. There is however much more into the act. It’s recommended for a healthy life. The main reason for that is the ability to concentrate the required nutrients into a small amount of juice. We all know that there is no way your bod can absorb big particles of solids. Unfortunately, that’s what we eat. Where the juice can be extracted e.g. in fruits, its best to consume the juice.

Fiber contradiction

Many recognize the health benefits of juicing. The blame however is on lack of fiber in the juice. You got to realize that even the juice has fiber in it. It’s only soluble unlike the one in the pulp. You are safe to go, don’t panic. Even if the fiber it’s not that much, you have enough of it. It should not be an issue here. People still drink water for a healthy life even with zero fiber, why not do so for juices?

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